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Verhees Textiles is moving towards sustainability with BCI

At Verhees Textiles, we are always committed to going more towards sustainability and educating our customers about it. With this in mind, we are investing in BCI. Better Cotton Initiative™ is the world’s leading sustainable initiative for cotton. With the support of their stakeholders, they can focus on who and what matters in a sustainable future:

The mission of BCI?

To help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

Requirements for the label

The seal only sets requirements for cultivation for fiber production, in this case of cotton. The BCI does not prescribe any particular methods or technologies, but leaves it up to the farmers/plantations to decide which method of sustainable cultivation is best for them. The emphasis is on continuous improvement. A distinction is made between smallholder farmers and medium and large plantations. An important difference with organic cotton is that BCI allows the use of genetically modified seeds (GMOs) and pesticides.

The benefits of BCI cotton fabrics

BCI connects people and organisations from across the cotton sector, from field to store, to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas. It is:

  • 100% plant-derived
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Controlled traceability
  • Non-allergenic

Verhees Textiles

• By joining the Better Cotton Initiative, we can increase the demand for cotton made in better ways.
• We can ensure that the demand for Better Cotton reaches Better Cotton Farmers and their communities.
• We can enable to achieve and advance our targets to source more sustainable materials.
• Through it, Verhees Textiles is improving its level of sustainability.
• We can make use of the BCI logo on products, which can lead to a better visibility and therefore more interest in supporting BCI practices.

You and your customers

• When you see the On-Product Mark, you know you are supporting more sustainable practices at farm level.
• You are buying cotton from a commited BCI member (Verhees Textiles) who is investing in BCI.
• You help the people who produce it.
• Being part of Better Cotton enables you to invest in building farmers’ capacity to adopt more sustainable practices, improving lives and livelihoods.
• Your customers will support you in selling more sustainable cotton fabrics, as more people care for the environment.

Cotton farmers

• BCI supports farmers in developing a better knowledge and understanding of pest behaviour and different projected scenarios.
• Through promoting water stewardship, it helps farmers to build resilience to climate change.
• Farmers will get better yields through improved availability of nutrients and water to their crops, reduction of pests, weeds and in labour needs, improved land accessibility, reduction of erosion and many more.

Mass Balance

Verhees Textiles is investing in the mass balance credit system. We are buying the credits from our suppliers. In that way we help them in the direction of making more sustainable cotton. Click here to read more!