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Safe fabrics with Oeko-tex certification

Verhees Textiles is your trusted supplier for children's fabrics and these should of course be safe for children and babies. The Oeko-Tex label guarantees that no harmful substances such as chemicals are involved in a fabric. For the past 30 years, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex has been a worldwide, coherent and independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials and finished textile products.  Oeko-Tex protects against toxic, irritating and allergenic chemicals and applies different product classes, with the strictest requirements and limit values for babies.  The tests that Oeko-tex carries out on a fabric go far beyond the legal European requirements, so a product is also fully compliant with the requirements of REACh.

Confidence in textiles

The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex contains 4 levels of certification. The criteria for baby clothes are much stricter than those for curtains, for example. The more skin contact, the stricter the requirements. Especially with babies, the skin is not fully developed; it does not yet have the same functions and defence mechanisms as adult skin. That is why it needs special care and protection. For example, dyes may not be absorbed by the skin and infants and small children must be able to suck on a fabric safely. Verhees Textiles holds the certificates for class 1 and class 2, the two strictest levels. With Verhees Textiles, you can rely on safe and responsible textiles.

Together with Oeko-tex, Verhees Textiles stands for healthy and safe textiles!

Our certification has been verified by Centexbel with our certification number: 1501004 for class 1 and 1501005 for class 2. You can download these certificates in our webshop. In our webshop you can also see which article has which certificates, many articles have in addition to an Oeko-tex certificate also a GOTS certificate for organic cotton, healthy and responsible! Verhees Textiles is the right place for both basics and prints with the Oeko-tex certificate. Even certified articles with glitter and lurex, such as our Double Gauze glitter and Lurex Sweat can be found in our extensive range! No webshop account yet? Register now!

Also promote with Oeko-tex?

As a retailer or wholesaler, you may also sell our Oeko-tex certified fabrics as such, provided you do not add new labels to the items. In our webshop we provide you with a product certificate which contains all information regarding certification. As a ready-to-wear clothing manufacturer, you should request your own Oeko-tex certificate, as the addition of new components such as zips, yarns and buttons will require the entire product to be recertified. Do you have further questions about Oeko-Tex? Please send an e-mail to