All the linen qualities explained!

14 July 2020

Linen is mostly used in the summer. Which makes sense, because it has certain characteristics that are very pleasant in warm temperatures. Linen isolates the body, keeping the skin a few degrees lower than the environment! Also, linen absorbs up to 20% moist before it really feels damp. This way linen offers you a long term dry and fresh feeling.

Other characteristics of linen are:

- Linen yarns are two times stronger than cotton yarns
- The more you wear it, the stronger it gets
- Linen is pilling and fluff-free
- Linen is not static
- Bacteria and mold cannot maintain on linen
- It is breathable
- The irregularities in the woven fabric stimulate the blood flow
- Product from natural origin

All of these above characteristics belong to the 100% linen fabric. Combinations with other components will provide a different outcome.

These are our standard linen articles:

4414 LINEN - 100% Linen fabric in its purest form with all the above characteristics. The weight of 230 gr/m² provides a fancy woven look.
This way it is perfect for jackets, trousers, dresses and skirts. Available in 33 warm colours.

3613 VISCOSE LINEN - The combination of 15% linen and 85% viscose gives a fluent result. Because of the large amount of viscose is the linen structure still very visible, but not that sensible. This lighter weight of 140 gr/m² makes this more suitable for elegant blouses and airy dresses.

7516 VISCOSE LINEN - This article made of 22% linen and 78% viscose has a lot in common with article 3613. The difference lies in the heavier weight of 210 gr/m². The colour range is twice as large with 22 colours. The linen structure is more tonal and more sensible.

3803 SORONA LINEN - This fancy linen mix consists of 45% linen, 22% viscose, 18% Sorona fibres and 15% cotton. It is also Oeko-tex certified. Linen and viscose give this fabric a breathable and supple component. The patented Sorona fibres give the fabric its stretch. Therefore no elastane is needed. Also this combination is more resistant to creases thanks to the Sorona fibres. The 24 saturated colours are carefully selected according to the latest trends.


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