An overview of the whole GOTS organic assortment

09 July 2021

Our GOTS assortment has grown over the past few years. This organic and sustainable movement in fashion and home is unstoppable! GOTS organic items are very popular and therefore we want to show you all of our GOTS articles. Many of our GOTS uni standards are matchable in colour. Please download the complete overview in your webshop account at ‘Remaining Downloads’.

Why choose GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)?
There is a big difference between regular organic cotton and GOTS certified organic cotton! GOTS makes sure that every cotton farmer, fabric producer, wholesaler and product maker contributes to the GOTS high ethical and sustainable standards. With regular organic cotton, there are much fewer standards that keep the quality high. And there is no organization that keeps an eye on all the processes. So what are the standards of GOTS?

- GOTS certified cotton is better for the environment, because the fibres are free from toxins, metals and bleach.
- Chemicals, such as dyes, that are used during production of GOTS fabrics meet strict requirements on toxicity and biodegradability.
- More social, fair and ethical conditions for the workers and no child labour.
- The cotton is grown without genetically modified seeds and without man-made pesticides and fertilisers.
- The chain of farmers, producers and re-sellers is registered, so the whole chain is transparent.

Rules around the usage of the GOTS logo in business-to-business:
As a business-to-business client, you can only promote with the GOTS logo or speak of ‘certified’ products with your own personal certification number. Only the GOTS logo does not suffice. Otherwise you can name these products only as ‘organic or bio cotton’.

Choose a certification body to start your own certification process.

Rules around the usage of the GOTS logo in business-to-consumer:
As a retailer, no certificate is needed when your fabrics are directly purchased from your physical store. For promotion in the store with the GOTS logo, you need to show our certification number Control Union 1010800 on the sign. We can supply a free banner for your promotion purposes. If you are interested in this banner, please send us an email.

When you ship your fabrics to clients, you need to obtain your own personal certificate. This is because of GOTS’ specific rules regarding packaging. You are not obliged if you don’t want to do this, but you can only use terms such as ‘organic or bio cotton’ as promotion instead of using the GOTS name for promotional purposes. 

Please read the GOTS hand-out carefully and learn more about the correct and legal usage of the GOTS logo. Go to ‘My Account’, then click ‘Remaining Downloads’ and choose GOTS. There you will be able to download the GOTS hand-out and promotional assets. See the hand-out and promotional assets here.

GOTS woven standards
03004 Cotton Voile GOTS
03959 Double Gauze GOTS
05546 Candy Cotton GOTS
07471 Triple Gauze GOTS
08035 Poplin GOTS
09058 Double Sided Double Gauze GOTS

GOTS knitted standards
06971 Soft Sweat GOTS – with partially matching colours
08036 Jersey GOTS – with matching colours
08058 Tube GOTS – with matching colours
08492 Rib Tube GOTS – with matching colours
09107 French Terry GOTS – with matching colours
09606 Cuffs GOTS – with matching colours

GOTS woven and knitted prints

Poplin GOTS
Double Gauze GOTS
Double Gauze Digital GOTS
Jersey GOTS
Jersey Digital GOTS
Soft Sweat GOTS
Sweat Digital GOTS

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