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New GRS Recycled basics

17 octubre 2022

At Verhees Textiles, we value sustainability and we believe that everyone can contribute. Thus, we have an ever-increasing range of GOTS-certified cotton, an internationally recognized label that guarantees an environmentally friendly as well as a socially responsible product in addition to organic cotton. Verhees Textiles believes in this positive and sustainable development and has taken new steps in the green direction by offering items with the GRS certificate.

In addition to this highest possible certification for recycled raw materials, this standard also covers environmental processing standards, including strict requirements for wastewater treatment and chemicals. Equally important, as with GOTS certification, are the many socially responsible requirements included in the GRS to protect the health and safety of workers. A sustainable choice in every way, without compromising on quality!

We therefore now offering you three new items with GRS-certified recycled cotton. Jersey, tube and sweat fabric are made from 62% recycled cotton, 33% polyester, and 5% elastane. Each colour has a slight melange look, because of the recycled cotton blend. Each batch of this product can slightly vary in colour, because the recycled cotton blend is different each time.

What is the GRS certificate?

GRS stands for Global Recycled Standard and falls under Textile Exchange, a global non-profit organisation which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fibre and raw material production by 45% by 2030. Part of this goal is to increase the use of recycled materials. Investing in this certificate means you are contributing to the following sustainability points:

  • - Lower energy consumption, which also means lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • - Fewer natural raw materials are needed, which results in less water
  • - Reduction in residual waste
  • - Quality is at least as good as regular textiles
  • - Expansion in the chain to more recycled material
  • - Strict requirements for wastewater treatment and the use of chemicals
  • - Protects the health and safety of production workers

We believe in this socially responsible product at Verhees Textiles and we therefore support the sustainable movement in fabrics. Because everyone can do their bit for a better world. Verhees Textiles’ GRS certificate is available as a download. Please read the GRS hand-out for promotion options and rules, or find more information at Textile Exchange and Control Union.

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