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Assured of high-quality fabrics at the best prices, choose from a stock of 7,000,000 meters and enjoy rapid delivery? At Verhees Textiles, you can rely on a wide range of quality products and dependable service.

Modal fabric from textile wholesaler Verhees Textiles
In Verhees Textiles' assortment, you'll find nearly 30 colours of TENCEL™ Modal Jersey, over 20 colours of Modal French Terry, and Cotton Modal Slub. Both Modal Jersey and French Terry fabrics are made from 95% modal combined with 5% elastane.

Sustainable Modal Fabric
Modal fabric, much like viscose in production, primarily differs in the type of wood used. While viscose comes from fibers of various trees, Modal is mostly derived from beechwood. Due to aspects of its production process, Modal is considered a sustainable fabric. TENCEL™ Modal utilizes fibers sourced from renewable beech tree forests managed without pesticides. These trees grow rapidly, requiring less water and energy during production compared to some other fabrics, and the fabric itself possesses biodegradable properties. Overall, these aspects make TENCEL™ Modal a more sustainable choice.

Not only does Modal's sustainable production process make it a great choice, but the fabric is also renowned for its softness, smoothness, and luxurious appearance. With high absorbency and breathable properties, Modal is highly comfortable to wear in warm weather. The fabric is also resistant to shrinking and colour fading, ensuring both sustainable production and durable quality.

  • Modal has a more sustainable production process
  • Modal has a soft and comfortable texture
  • Modal maintains its shape
  • Modal retains its colour
  • Modal is breathable

Applications of Modal
Modal's graceful drape makes it ideal for elegant clothing. It drapes lightly on the body, making it excellent for sewing dresses, skirts, and tops. Garments made from Modal fabric retain their shape and colour well, ensuring longevity.

Modal in Basic Colours
Enhance your assortment with the finest solid colour Modal fabrics? Verhees Textiles' collection offers nearly 30 colours of TENCEL™ Modal Jersey and over 20 colours of Modal French Terry. In this diverse range, you'll always find colours that suit the season and current trends.

Certified Modal
At Verhees Textiles, we place great importance on sustainability, proudly holding certifications for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Our TENCEL™ Modal Jersey and Modal French Terry fabrics carry the Oeko-Tex Class 1 certification, meeting the highest standards for product safety and tested for harmful substances. This certification ensures the fabrics are safe for use with babies and children, issued by Centexbel with certification number 1501004. In addition to Oeko-Tex certification, our TENCEL™ Modal Jersey is certified by LENZING™, a leader in sustainable fibers committed to eco-friendly production processes and renewable resources. All our sustainable fabrics are available for purchase through our webshop. More information on our certifications can be found on our website under sustainability.

Order your Modal fabric online at Verhees Textiles
Our family-run business, Verhees Textiles, has been renowned for over 45 years as the specialist in trendy fashion fabrics. You can view and order our entire collection online. Our fabrics are available in cuts starting from 10 meters and rolls up to 50 meters. Thanks to our extensive stock, we can deliver swiftly almost always. Log in now or create an account to access prices and product specifications. Have questions about any of our fabrics? Contact our multilingual customer service.