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Tips and Tricks

Our Tips & Tricks page will show you which features are available in our webshop. On this page you will find useful tips, examples & tutorials to make optimal use of all the possibilities our webshop has to offer.

Using the webshop

Search with the convenient filters and sorting

Use the handy filters while shopping. Our webshop has handy filters where you can search at different levels. You can search by characteristic or theme, type of fabric and width and weight. Then click on the pink "Save filter" button and your selection is chosen.


You can add your favourite items to the favourites category by marking the item with a star. In this way, you can bundle all your favourite items in your wish list, and possibly order them at a later date. Please note: articles that are sold out disappear from your list of favourites, so don't wait too long!

Poppy offer

All fabrics from the Poppy magazine can be found under the category "Poppy Magazine". Choose the desired edition and all fabrics will be shown. Do you want to make use of the Poppy offer? Then select all fabrics with the button in the upper right corner, " Buy all Poppy articles" and get 100 magazines for free!

Order all colours from 1 item

Would you like to order all colours of our plain GOTS Jersey or all colours of that one great design? Select the article you want to order. To the right of the product photo you will now find an option for ordering directly (bolt or roll). Next to this button there is also a button for ordering in all colours (available in both bolts and rolls). That saves a lot of time!


Product certificate

For all items in our range, we offer a product certificate. This contains the most important information about the composition, washing instructions and certification. You can download these certificates once you have selected the article.

Oeko-Tex/ GOTS/ Tencel and GRS certificates

For many fabrics, Verhees Textiles has an Oeko-Tex and GOTS certificate. These are available for you under "My account", select " remaining downloads" and open the external links of Oeko-Tex and GOTS and download the certificates. The certificates for Tencel and GRS are also available here.

How to promote with GOTS certified articles

Verhees Textiles has an extensive collection of GOTS certified organic cotton. Do you also want to advertise with GOTS? Then read our hand-out, in which you can find all the information.

The hand-out is available under "My Account" at " remaining downloads", then open the external link under the title GOTS or click here.

Promotional material

Photo and promotional material

Verhees Textiles provides free promotional material. You can download all photos without watermark after purchasing. In addition to the regular photos, we also have detail/relief and mannequin photos. You can find these under "my account" at "download articles" or click here. Besides these pictures we also have other promotional material available such as images from the Poppy magazine, logos of all brands, the print books and manuals of the DIY products. These can all be found under the heading " remaining downloads" in "my account".

Manual DIY articles

For our DIY articles there are handy manuals available. Think for example of the flag lines, play mats or advent calendars that we have in our range. Download the instructions and print them out to give to your customers or use them for your own reference. The manuals can be found under "My account" at the "remaining downloads" or click here.


Add a new delivery address

You can quickly and easily add a different delivery address. Go to "My account" and choose "Add shipping address" at the bottom of the page. You can select this delivery address when finalising your order and choosing the shipping method.

Shipping prices

You can find the shipping prices for our DPD packages here. How many bolts or rolls fit in a DPD package depends on the dimensions and weight. Of course we always do our best to pack your fabrics as economically as possible. In this way we save costs for you and ourselves and we are ecologically engaged by keeping the use of plastic as low as possible.

From x amount of packages onwards it is more economical to send per pallet. This depends on the delivery address. We always look for the most advantageous shipping method for you.

How many pieces fit into 1 package?

To give you a clearer idea of the maximum number of bolts and/or rolls, of one or more fabrics, that fit in one package, we have made a number of sample packages for you.

These examples are provided with a short explanation of the contents of the package.

Example 1: two rolls of Poplin and two bolts of Poplin

Example 2: maximum number of bolts of voluminous fabric

Example 3: assortment of bolts of different qualities

Example 4: maximum number of Poplin bolts

Example 5: one large voluminous roll

Example 6: two Poplin rolls

Example 7: one roll of jersey and 4 bolts of cotton

Example 8: maximum number of jersey bolts