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Verhees Textiles and the Dutch Foundation of the United Fashion Schools join forces for sustainable Tailor Challenge and fashion show.

15 aprile 2024

Verhees Textiles, driven by sustainability, has partnered with the Foundation of United Fashion Schools in the Netherlands for an innovative initiative: the Tailor Challenge 'Waste cutting is great fabric too'. This groundbreaking event challenges participants to create outfits that consist of 85% of Verhees Textiles' cutting waste.

As a pioneer in sustainability, Verhees Textiles feels a strong responsibility to set an example in the industry and promote the global movement towards sustainability. By collaborating with Stichting De Verenigde Modevakscholen in the Netherlands, Verhees Textiles emphasizes its commitment to promoting sustainability, not only in terms of fabrics and ecological footprint but also in its engagement with the community and employees.

"This initiative is a powerful example of how small changes can have a big impact on sustainability," says Joyce Broeksteeg-Verhees, Creative Director at Verhees Textiles. "By donating our cutting waste for this challenge, we demonstrate that sustainability doesn't always require large investments or complex technologies. It can start with simple, accessible initiatives like this."

The Tailor Challenge culminated in a fashion show on Saturday, April 13th, at the warehouse of Verhees Textiles, where hobbyists and students presented their handmade creations across various categories, including women's clothing, children's clothing, and accessories. Afterwards, all children's clothing items were donated to The Foundation for Kids, giving them a new purpose.

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