Verhees Textiles proudly presents our latest collection, Verhees Naturals!

This exceptional collection of 16 unique basics is infused with the charm of nature and offers numerous benefits for the conscious consumer. All of this on existing woven and knitted qualities within our current, trusted range.

  • Pure Authenticity: Our raw fabrics retain the natural appearance of cotton, with characteristic seeds still visible. This adds an authentic and rustic touch to projects.
  • Sustainability: By choosing undyed and unbleached fabrics, you contribute to a more sustainable textile industry and help reduce the burden of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, a selection of organic cotton options bearing the GOTS certificate is also available.
  • Breathable and Comfortable: These fabrics are naturally breathable, making them ideal for clothing, bedding, and interior textiles. They keep you cool and comfortable.

Discover the beauty and versatility of all 16 qualities on our webshop and embrace the natural beauty and sustainability these fabrics offer. We believe that your projects with these fabrics will not only be aesthetically appealing but also have a positive impact on our planet. Together, we can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and conscious textile industry.


GOTS certified naturals:                         Woven naturals:                        Knitted naturals:

Jersey GOTS 08036                                  Cotton Poplin 06006                     Jersey 08762         

French Terry GOTS 09107                        Canvas 02900                               Tube 08766

Soft Sweat GOTS 09971                           Waffle 06227                                 Rib Jersey 01072

Double Gauze GOTS 03959                      Cotton Slub Washed 07477        Sweat 03180

Knitted Waffle GOTS 09662                       Double Gauze 09959                 Jogging 09776

Tube GOTS 08058